Maximize profitability and reduce loss with cutting-edge financial risk analytics solutions built by senior leading executives. Get your portfolio ready for anything with the power of FIMAC Solutions.

What We Provide

Asset / Liability Management

Solutions to help your financial institution understand the asset liability management (ALM) position of your balance sheet and interest rate risk (IRR) and how those cash flows are subject to change given changes in interest rates.

Financial Analytics

We specialize in providing the financial services industry with banking software focusing on risk management and profitability solutions. At the core of FIMAC Solutions are our proprietary analytics: quality at a fair price.

Credit Stress Testing

Incredibly robust analysis that’s astoudingly accurate, dynamic, customizable, lightning fast, and simple to use. Specialized testing in every major commercial loan category: CRE, Construction, and C&I lending.

FIMAC Products

  • Balance Sheet Manager: Stress tests the impact of decisions on earnings, NII, liquidity and capital under varying balances and rate environments.

  • A/L Reporter: Instrument level income simulation and NEV and GAP model for small credit unions.

  • Cash Sources and Uses: Stress test your liquidity position in limitless contingency scenarios.

Financial Risk News

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Prep like a pro

Ensure your next audit runs smoothly with our helpful resources and built-in checklists for audit preparation.

Audits made easy

Achieve streamlined audits and examinations using this central location for all documents and its intuitive workflow management.

Control risk

Customize risk assessments and improve visibility of risk allocations, audit exception tracking and overall compliance progress.