Our data capture process is designed for efficiency and accuracy. With a robust data conversion and validation process, most modeling data can be imported and then validated in a matter of minutes.

ALM for bankers who want to forget ALM

Regulators continue to push for more granularity. Yet financial institutions still struggle with outdated ALM software incapable of calculating at instrument level. Practitioners often pre-process data before feeding it to the system, leading to lengthy time from data gathering to report output, as well as inaccurate results.

FIMAC Mountain ends the era of aggravating ALM. The Mountain is a cloud-based solution built from the ground up. Results are instantaneous and include the latest analytics required by the examiners.



  • - Granularity
  • - Instantaneous
  • - Precision in cash flow modeling
  • - SAAS means no software
  • - Instrument level calculations
  • - Parallel, non-parallel, twist, and ramp shocks
  • - Liquidity stress testing
  • - Cash flow modeling
  • - Unlimited user defined scenarios
  • - Thomson Reuters, Moody’s Markit, and IDC Pricing
  • - Executive Summary Report
  • - Integrated with budget
  • - Integrated with FIA
  • - Related services
  • - FRED integration
  • - Option adjusted income simulations