FIMACMountain - Budget

A browser based platform that allows you to access it anywhere you have an internet connection.

How It Works

Budgeting and Planning without #NAME? calling

Broken formulas, missing links, the dreaded #VALUE! Pulling data into spreadsheets from disparate sources is time consuming and not reliable. Have you ever reported incorrect numbers to the board? Or even worried that you might have?

FIMAC Mountain Budget shares the same data as Mountain AL. When you start the budget process, you start with data that’s already balanced, in the system, ready to go.

Collaborate with multiple users, distribute the workload across your branch network, or keep it centralized – the SAAS means it’s available anywhere, anytime.



  • - Budgeting and reporting built by bankers for bankers
  • - Choose centralized or decentralized budget preparation
  • - Run, store and share “what-if” scenarios with Mountain AL
  • - Create rolling forecasts – automatically reforecast each month
  • - Create report packages for board reporting, ALCO, or any purpose
  • - Standard reports include variance, forecasts, rate/volume analysis