Deposit Profitability Analytics

Credit Stress Analytics

Credit Stress Analytics: designed by lending professionals and loaded with the functionality they need.

Examiners have increased scrutiny on the impact of credit stress to earnings and capital. But credit stress analysis has evolved to go beyond regulatory compliance: it’s now an integral tool for risk managers to evaluate, anticipate, and take action to mitigate risk.

Credit Stress Analytics by FIMAC gives lenders and risk managers the flexibility to evaluate and test a loan, sector or loans, or an entire portfolio. By allowing users to select the appropriate modules for their loan portfolio – Commercial Real Estate, Commercial and Industrial, or Construction and Development – CSA gives bankers the ability to start small and add on as their portfolios change.

Half of Your Deposit Relationships are Unprofitable...

...The Problem is You Don't Know Which Half

The science of managing your deposits is all about using the data and information you already have to better manage and control your deposit relationships.  And it all starts with deposit profitability analysis.

It starts with deposit profitability, but you'll quickly see even bigger returns as you identify and segment your deposit accounts into 4 major groups, each with it's own set of core strategies designed to build profit.

How much profit is involved?  Estimates say 10% - 15% or more.  But don't take my word for it.  Here's what Deloitte Consulting said about profitability improvement based on their experiences with banks implementing these strategies.  Their estimates run between 48 and 66 basis points in potential annual impact.

That's why the largest, most sophisticated financial institutions worldwide have invested so much time, energy and resources in  this area.  The ongoing payoffs and efficiencies are huge.

And now these very same solutions are available to community financial institutions.  Imagine what these sorts of ongoing annual margin improvements can mean to your profits, and your bank.

  • - Easily calculate instrument level, transaction based profitability.  Know which accounts make money, and which do not.  You gather in the extra profits while we quietly do the statistical heavy lifting.
  • - Segment and score deposit relationships.  Empower your front line staff to intelligently manage price concession and fee waiver requests starting “Day 1”.  Making better decisions means you make more profit.
  • - Pinpoint profitable cross-sell opportunities. Don't use "shotgun marketing" when you can precisely target.  One of your customer subgroups is ripe for the picking. Do you know who they are?
  • - Turn behavioral data into smart marketing profiles.  Don’t waste money adding more of the wrong accounts.  Add more with “best of” characteristics that match your proven winners.
  • - Quantify channel demand.  Gain comprehensive insights into how your customers are using your existing channels.  Track usage, preferences and trends.