FIMACMountain – A/L

An Aggressive new generation ALM/IRR solution

How It Works

FIMACMountain – A/L is the cornerstone of our aggressive FIMACMountain suite of integrated financial risk management solutions is cloud based and available by subscription usage. It delivers a mountain of features and benefits, meeting current regulatory requirements for ALM/IRR modeling for institutions of all sizes. And is fully integrated with FIMACMountain™ - Budget© as data from each can be utilized to instantly populate the other. Both solutions utilize your GL, your accounts - no mapping to a standardized chart of accounts like with aged application models.

Users create multiple scenarios for modeling that, if desired, will automatically be modeled each time the solution is run – or just run one scenario, or change scenarios at will. Total control is yours. No software to load, no big initial software purchase, just load and go. Mountain – A/L allows modelers to: choose from standardized output; build your own output, charts, and graphs from the built in dashboard, or; export any and everything to build your own output externally.



  • - A true options adjusted dynamic income simulation model
  • - Instant imports of formatted data
  • - Run what you want, when you want. Get results back online
  • - Take advantage of our regularly scheduled Webinars and Training
  • - Run unlimited scenarios utilizing static or dynamic balances
  • - Reduce your modeling time commitments
  • - Utilizes full sub-ledger detail
  • - Conduct scenario modeling utilizing your own future economic outlook(s)