FIMACMountain - Budget

How It Works


FIMACMountain - Budget is a state-of-the-art Budget module residing on FIMACMountain; up in the Cloud. FIMACMountain - Budget accepts data from any GL or Income Statement and stores it for you in the Cloud. There is no software to buy or install. No additional server to purchase and maintain. There is only your Big Data, which we store for you on the FIMACMountain. Use that data how you need it. No need to map to other conventions because the data comes from your General Ledger and your Income Statement.



Key Features


FIMACMountain - Budget, provides an easy and effective way to build, test, and implement your institution's budget. FIMACMountain - Budget provides incredible functionality while remaining extremely user-friendly. This Cloud-based platform allows you to enter or retrieve your data anywhere you have access to the world wide web. Everything is user-defined, so you can use only what you want. Drag and drop functionality drastically reduces any learning curve problems, allowing unit managers the ability to create their own budget without the institution spending time and resources to train each manager. Of course, there are multiple user access levels if you need the extra layers of security. We don't believe there is a budget tool as powerful as this that is so quickly and easily implemented.

Software Spec


  • Use any interest rate outlook you choose. We calculate for you from there.
  • Very slight learning curve due to drag and drop functionality.
  • Unlimited budgeting by unit. Allow managers to create their own budget.
  • Standardized Key Performance indicators, plus the ability to define your own.
  • Use as a Budget or for Forecasting.
  • Saas platform for computing in “The Cloud”
  • Integrates with our Risk Analytics ALM Model



FIMACMountain - Budget is a browser based platform that allows you to access it anywhere you have an internet connection. Since there is no server to buy or software to purchase it allows us to keep the cost down. It is very intuitive in its design allowing you to learn how to navigate the system to access your data and retrieve the reports that you need quickly.

  • Very easy imports and exports. User defined exports.
  • Use YOUR General Ledger numbers and names, no mapping to other conventions.
  • Use YOUR Income Statement format, no mapping to other conventions.
  • Full prepayment assumptions utilized for loans and investments.
  • Multiple user access levels.
  • Unlimited budgeting scenarios.
  • Everything is user defined. Use only what you want.
  • Charts and graphs galore.
  • Very visual variance reporting.




Using data extracted from your General Ledger and/or Income Statement, FIMACMountain - Budget will almost do the work for you. Incredibly easy to use with a very slight learning curve, FIMACMountain - Budget makes creating a budget one of the easier tasks of the day. It is truly a Mountain of a module!