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FIMACMountain - Fixed Income Accounting

Bond Accounting




Clients can now add Bond Accounting to the list of management tools offered by FIMAC Solutions. Fixed Income Accounting (FIA) provides your institution with an easy to use platform for accounting and reporting related to your bond portfolio. FIA generates monthly reporting utilizing the most current, independent bond pricing and cash flow information. This data comes from nationally recognized providers, commonly accepted as the providers of the default  “Market” pricing. Results are provided in multiple report sets geared towards Accountants, Management, Board, Regulators, or Portfolio Managers. Of course, you also receive FIMAC’s unparalleled customer support and service.

Key Features

Fixed Income Accounting, provides an easy and effective way to monitor your institution's bond portfolio. FIA  provides independent third party  pricing and cashflow data from sources like Reuters, Moody’s, and IDC.  This browser based platform allows you to enter or retrieve your data any where you have access to the world wide web. This means there is no software to install and it is always the latest version. It will integrate with any ALM Model through the custom report functionality. It allows for unlimited sorting and exporting capabilities as well.

Software Spec

  • Fixed Income Accounting allows you to be in complete control of your bond information by allowing you to sort or export your information into your general ledger or spreadsheets.
  • FIA is an  SSAE 16 audited platform Providing you the comfort to know that your data is being treated properly and handled with the utmost in security.
  • The reporting allows you to track safekeeping and pledging across multiple financial institutions.
  • The data and reports are archived for retrieval if needed at a later date.
  • MBS , CMO, CPR/PSA rates can be customized at the security level.
  • Saas platform for computing in “The Cloud”
  • Integrates with our Risk Analytics ALM Model
  • Independent pricing from trusted and reliable sources
  • Robust accounting and management reports


Fixed Income Accounting is a browser based platform that allows you to access it anywhere you have an internet connection. Since there is no server to buy or software to purchase it allows us to keep the cost down. It is very intuitive in its design allowing you to learn how to navigate the system to enter your securities and retrieve the reports that you need quickly.

You have total control over the management and reporting of your portfolio.  Purchases, sales, safekeeping and pledge changes can be made immediately via FIMAC’s secure website.  Reports can be run and rerun without any delay.  All data can be exported into the format of your choice.