Cash Sources and Uses

Cash Sources and Uses Makes Risk Analytics ALM Model Even More Robust

FIMAC Solutions has demonstrated industry leadership once again with the introduction of its Cash Sources and Uses component to the Risk Analytics ALM Model. With today’s regulatory climate requiring bankers to have a more complete understanding of their institution’s funding sources, FIMAC Solutions has created a fast, thorough system to analyze sources and uses of cash. Cash Sources and Uses is a component to our Risk Analytics ALM Model that incorporates the cash flows already generated from your ALM Reports.

How It Works

The Model allows the user to incorporate their own operational and contingency cash flow assumptions for each liquidity stress scenario they choose to model. The resulting Summary Report documents the scenario name and assumptions, as well as its liquidity coverage ratio results for the next 12 month period. This enables the user to plan for and document various contingencies, whether they are interruptions of the ability to borrow, runs on deposits, or other liquidity stress scenarios.

Key Benefits Make Cash Sources and Uses an Amazing Add-On Module to Risk Analytics ALM Model:

  • User defined operational cash flows, such as loan and deposit originations
  • User defined contingency funding sources, such as Fed Funds borrowings, FHLB, or other brokered internet deposits, as well as any assumed curtailment of those sources
  • Graphical representations of output
  • Easy to follow, step-by-step interface
  • Cash flows for each of 13 incremental interest rate stresses ranging up and down 400 basis points
  • Underlying cash flows are projected out monthly for 30 years
  • Cash flows are loaded from product level detail from your ALM report
  • Ability to model custom or level deposit run-off assumptions

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