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FIMAC Solutions LLC
Creative Analytic Solutions for Depository Institutions

Based in Denver, Colorado we specialize in providing the financial services industry with banking software focusing on risk management and profitability solutions. At the core of FIMAC Solutions products and services are our proprietary financial analytics solutions. We provide quality solutions at a fair price.

Our foremost Risk Analytics® ALM Model with back testing allows financial institutions to understand the asset liability management (ALM) position of their balance sheet and interest rate risk (IRR), how those cash flows are subject to change given changes in interest rates.  Armed with this information, senior managers can perform their own "what-if" analysis by using our integrated Balance Sheet Manager™ (BSM) module. The ALM/IRR model is a dynamic income and net present value equity simulation model. We provide an ALCO with the information they need.

Our easy-to-use Leading Light™ Budget Model for financial institutions makes budgeting a breeze. Pre-populated with accurately modeled data from the ALM/IRR model, Leading Light adds proficiency and exacting detail to the budgeting process while reducing time commitments in preparation. Another solution provided by the firm includes a statically valid Non-Maturity Deposit study conducted that determines the estimated lives of such deposits. We also provide a Sources of Risk Analysis that allows the user to quantify how much of their current interest rate risk is the result of Gap Risk, Basis Risk, or Options Risk.

Our latest entry in our line up is the groundbreaking Deposit Analytics™ – A Predictive Solution. Not only does this solution provide recommended rates, but it also predicts the balances that will be achieved at those rates, measures the profitability of those deposits, and back tests for proof of performance. Taken from yield management/revenue management software theory and methodology developed for other industries, Deposit Analytics is setting the bar in deposit management and price optimization modeling – the new Best Practice.

Our recently created Training and Education Department will satisfy needs of users and operators of our models.  Soon to be expanded to offer CPE credits, the department will also focus on general risk management training needs of the banking and credit union communities.

Our consultancy subsidiary, Financial Institution Management Associates Corp. focusing on risk management conducts loans reviews, interest rate risk audits (internal audit) and special management reviews, analysis of ALM/IRR positions and development of balance sheet strategies to maximize ROE, training and educational programs, and development of appropriate policies among many other engagements.

OUR MISSION: To provide quality solutions at a fair price

FIMAC Solutions Management

The professional staff includes individuals with backgrounds in bank management, operations, and regulation as well as financial analysis and software development of proprietary models.

The Chief Executive Officer, Gregory Doner, was involved with the team that initially began in earnest the development and marketing of the ALM Model. He left the original organization in 1995 but stayed close to the ALM Model by recommending it to clients, providing consulting services to the Report’s clients, and by utilizing the Report as CFO for two community banks. He has extensive consulting, loan review, and internal audit experience, working with financial institutions of all sizes.

Richard B. Pennington, Vice-Chairman has over 35 years of experience in credit unions and credit union circles.  As the immediate former President of a $200+ million community credit union, he also served as a Director of two corporate credit unions, a member of the Executive Committe for one of those corporate's, and was President of his state Credit Union League.  Mr. Pennington is Manager of our Providence, RI office.

John Anton, President and product manager for the ALM Model has been a member of the staff for 16 years and has extensive experience in the evaluation of cash flows on financial instruments, including investments, loans, and deposits as impacts risk management. John is a CFA.

Randall Corwin is Senior V. P. of Sales and Marketing with over 15 years experience in the financial services sector.  Mr. Corwin joined us from Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union where he had extensive involvement in ALM and investment management.

Controller Connie S. Welton has been involved with the company and its predecessors since 1992. She served as Operations Manager for the former owner of the software. Prior to 1992 she had 14 years of experience in a community bank that included loan operations, asset/liability management, and call report preparation.